Briargate insurance is here to help make the entire insurance process proceed as easily as possible for you. We’ll help you understand each product, show you how your plan can benefit you or your business, and handle all the details. And if you ever have questions about your coverage, let’s chat!

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Top Q&As from Briargate Insurance:

Does Briargate write the insurance policy?

No. As an independent agency, we are authorized to sell policies for numerous top-rated insurance companies. We shop our network. We learn your needs and hand-pick plans that fit your situation and budget.

Are there ways I can reduce my insurance costs?

Absolutely. You can reduce your premium costs by meeting qualifying discounts, pairing two or more policies together and customizing your policy to meet your exact needs. Talk to our agents about how we can save you money.

How often should I review my personal insurance?

Briargate recommends taking a quick look at your policy once a year, but it is always good to review your plans with your agent before or after any major life events. This could include the purchase of a new car or home, adding a member to your family, nearing retirement and more. Our agents are good at helping you determine whether you need any changes in coverage.

What are some business changes that require an update to insurance?

Anytime you expand your business to include more employees, new equipment, new technology, more space or other major changes, you’ll want to give us a call.