Home Insurance

For most people, your home is your biggest investment. Briargate Insurance will walk you through all your options and show you the many ways to protect it. We’ll work with our top-rated carrier network to help you find the right home insurance plan based on your needs and budget and make sure your home is protected – inside and out.

How can I customize my home insurance policy?

Home insurance policies usually cover four key areas—the physical structure, your personal belongings, temporary living expenses and liability protection. Liability protection is automatically included in any home insurance policy, but you do have some flexibility on what you insure and how much the policy covers. Additional coverages like jewelry and identity theft coverage can also be added on to your policy to protect you from big-ticket payouts.

How can I save money on my home insurance?

Saving money on home insurance is a common goal for our customers. Fortunately, we know a lot of ways to help you save! In addition to shopping our network of top-rated insurance carriers for the best policy and price, you can get a premium discount for insuring both home and auto with the same insurance carrier. That can save hundreds of dollars. Premium discounts are also available for seniors, newly constructed homes, homes with new roofs and more. Some policies even give you a discount for simple things like having fire extinguishers on every floor of your home or adding deadbolt locks to all your exterior doors.

Should I complete a home inventory?

Home inventories aren’t required, but they are strongly recommended – especially by anyone that has had to make a home insurance claim. You can go around and log your home inventory manually, take photos or video, or download an app that walks you through each room in your house such as Sortly, which is free and available on iPhone and Android.