Collectible Cars

Classic cars are in a league of their own. And when we say classic, we mean any classic, collector, vintage or antique car or truck. That’s because, at Briargate Insurance, we understand a classic is much more than a vehicle to you. It’s a showpiece, a hobby, part of a collection, or even a special memory from years past.

Is classic car insurance more expensive than standard auto insurance?

Classic car insurance is quite affordable. In fact, on average, most classic car insurance policies cost about 40% less than a standard auto policy. Plus, you get a lot of extras that are special to the classics like original replacement parts.

Does collectible car insurance cover the car’s real value?

Absolutely. We know collector cars don’t depreciate like a standard vehicle. Just tell us your classic’s value when we’re quoting your insurance and we’ll agree on a total payout number if you ever do experience a total loss.

How are repairs handled with classic cars?

Briargate Insurance works with top-rated classic car insurance carriers. If original replacement parts are important to you in the event of a claim, we represent a company who employs specialists whose primary responsibility is to track down original difficult-to-find parts. Plus, this coverage is included with your insurance at no extra cost to you.

Can I drive my vehicle with collectible car insurance?

Of course, you can drive your collectible car! That’s all part of the fun. All we ask is that to qualify for classic or collectible car insurance you need to park your vehicle in a garage, only use it as an extra car (not as your primary vehicle or for daily use) and keep it in good working condition.

Are there any limits on how far I can drive my collector car?

If we put a limit on how far you can drive it, that would ruin the fun. If you’re only using it for occasional driving, feel free to take your collector vehicle on the road with you to collector vehicle club functions, exhibitions, tours or on pleasure trips!