Property insurance protects you beyond your business’ physical location. It also covers business personal property and business income.  Briargate Insurance will help you determine what property insurance makes sense for your business and how much coverage you need.

How do I know if my business needs property insurance?

If your business has a physical location, you’ll want to make sure you have property insurance. the amount of insurance you will need varies based on your inventory, equipment and business personal property.

When would I use business property insurance?

Here is a quick list of some common situations in which your businesses property insurance would cover you:

Building Coverage
Covers damages to your building from a fire at your business.
Covers damages to your building from acts of nature.
Covers damages from vandalism to your business.
Business Personal Property
Covers stolen and/or damaged equipment or inventory caused by a break-in.
Covers stolen and/or damaged computers.
Covers stolen customer property while in your care.
Covers stolen and/or lost personal or financial data.
Covers perishable items destroyed due to a power outage.
Business Income
Covers lost income or rental income while your property is being repaired.

Which property insurance add-ons should my business consider?

This is where Briargate Insurance can really customize your business insurance plan for you. Employee dishonesty coverage, equipment breakdown coverage and outdoor sign coverage are just a few of the policy enhancements you can add. Each can potentially save you thousands. We’ll help you determine if any of these additional coverages or others make sense for your business.