Group Health

Healthcare and insurance premiums continue to be a hot topic for most businesses. Briargate Insurance is here to help you shop and navigate group health plans a well as marketplace insurance options. We will break down the features and price tags on a variety of medical, dental and vision plans to find coverage both your employees and bottom line will love.

What is considered group health insurance?

Group health insurance provides health insurance to a select group. As a business, that usually means your full-time employees or employees that meet your benefit eligibility requirements. Group health is one of the main benefits employees look at when considering employment, so it’s a good idea to make sure your plan offers enough benefits and options to attract and retain good employees. You also want it to come at a good price so you can help cover the cost of premiums or keep cost-sharing minimal.

I own a small business. Do I shop the marketplace?

Businesses with 1-50 employees are eligible to purchase a plan on SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program).  However, for 2018, you’ll need to use an insurance agent like Briargate to find and purchase your plan. SHOP insurance plans are generally the only way to get the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit, but it’s worth looking into as it can bring substantial savings.

How will Briargate help our business find the right health plan?

One of the key advantages we bring our customers is our knowledge of you and your business. That means we’ll ask a lot of questions, look at what your current plan offers and talk about how we can improve it. We’ll also consider what both you and your employees can comfortably afford. Then we’ll shop our network of top-rated carriers and come back with our best-unbiased recommendations on which medical, dental and vision plans work well for your business.