General Liability

Every business – whether you’re a big corporation, a mid-sized company set for growth, or a sole proprietor working out of your home – needs liability insurance. Briargate Insurance is here to help. We’ll learn the ins and outs of your business, determine your level of risk and how much coverage you need, then shop our network of top-rated insurance carriers to find the best liability insurance plan and premium price for you.

What type of claim can people file against me?

Reasons for a claim can range from someone getting hurt to a contract dispute. That’s why even if you don’t have a physical location or your business operates 100 percent online, you’ll want to make sure you carry liability coverage.

If someone is injured at my business, are medical expenses covered?

Medical expenses are covered through general liability insurance, but only for third-party injuries at your place of business. If you or an employee is injured, that would fall under Workers Compensation coverage.

Will general liability insurance take care of my legal fees?

General liability policies also cover attorney fees. That’s a good thing because attorney fees can really add up in legal battles. If there is a situation in which you, your employees, or one of your products or services caused harm or damage to someone else, your liability insurance will pick up any defense and damage fees. General liability also covers you in claims of slander or libel.

Does liability insurance cover my mistakes?

General liability will not cover you if you make a mistake. That falls under professional liability insurance, which Briargate also offers. Ask us about specific professional liability coverages for your industry.

Are there additional coverage options I can add to my liability policy?

As with any good policy, you can pick and choose some extra coverage features. With general liability coverage, you can opt to include such items as damage to customers’ property in your care, damage to electronic data and expanded liability coverage for damage to rented properties. Briargate will help you determine which policy add-ons make the most sense for your business.